Eighty8Four is now Perfect!

We’re excited to announce that On March 25th we officially transitioned our name from Eighty8Four to Perfect.

Definition:  adj. “Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.” 

What has changed:

Our name: Eighty8four Formerly Enhanced Labs has grown over the last decade and is actively making great strides to improve on what is already a great design and consultation service for those we presently and will soon serve. For that reason we have transitioned our domain and company to Perfect (perfecthq.com).

Our focus: We’ve helped thousands of businesses produce quality products for their valued customers, and we plan to continue to work with startups, and businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals in a really cool way. With that said we are now offering some of our expert design and business advice to agencies and marketing firms that close and collaborative access to a multidisciplinary team. Go to our website Perfect and read more about it.

What has not changed:

Passion for Perfection: We will continue to hand-craft amazing user experiences. We understand our clients desire to make a meaningful first impression with whatever product or service they provide. It is important that whatever we collaborate on is perfect in every way.

An ear tuned to your needs: One of the things that helped our success was our ability to listen to all of your needs and tailor a working relationship that benefited everyone.

Leadership: Perfect will remain a privately held company with main headquarters in Palm Beach, FL.

If you have any questions or are interested in collaborating with us on your next project, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Cloud Based OS, a viable future? Or a Distraction?

I find it fascinating that Google and Firefox are both beginning to compete in this new space of making hardware focused solely around the their browsers and internet-only devices. At first the idea felt limiting but the more I begin to research, I think Google and Firefox may be on to something. There is a transition happening. Google, Apple, and Microsoft are slowly easing people into being comfortable with third-party companies providing storage of their personal data. As internet connections get faster and bandwidth becomes more affordable, it almost doesn’t make sense to use a computer that is not connected to the internet. Let us imagine for a moment that Google and Mozilla are on to something that we have yet to understand. Continue reading

The Future of TV if Apple had Control


Here at Eighty8Four, I get to work on some of the coolest projects hitting the market today. As an AppleFanboy I can’t help but see how all of the pieces of the Apple ecosystem will fit together with the Future of Television and iOS.

Future of Television.

First let me start out by describing what the current TV experience is today. Until now one must either have an DTV receiver or subscribe to a content provider such as Comcast, AT&T, Direct TV etc. Once subscribed the average TV viewer would either browse the TV guide and select shows to record and or watch them live. If you missed a show or forgot to record it, well you’re either going to have to wait until that particular show re-runs or you’re just out of luck. With the advances of Direct TV and U-Verse they have now introduced on-demand tv, with the option to rent movies, watch tv series with the click of a button. Features like U-Verse’s Multi-view (to see multiple channels at once), or the weather/local headline stores it has certainly enhanced the TV experience today. However in the near future this is all about to change.

Apple has the power to revolutionize the television industry with its recently released Continue reading

atmail – Rebranding Case Study

Basic RGB

Featured here today is a case study of the rebranding for Webmail and messaging company Atmail. With over 4,500 clients and almost ten years in business, the previous design felt outgrown and outdated. And after having worked with us on designing custom icons for their webmail user interface, Atmail requested us to take a long hard look at their branding, and come up with a plan to reinvigorate it! That we did!

atmail Before & After

From the outset of the project we focused on how we could incorporate the already established brand equity of the at-symbol, into a unique and easily recognizable design. The at-symbol has the obvious connection with an email address, and so the client specified the need to retain that element. The goal was to find a design that would  Continue reading

Happy New Year! (2011)

The Creative staff here would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. 2010 has been a great year of exciting projects. Our team has participated in the planning, designing and development of ground-breaking things that have never been done before. We look forward to what exciting new projects we can collaborate with you all in 2011!

- Mike Gonzalez

Meet Eighty8Four’s Creative Staff

As a creative professional it is very important to make sure our clients are well acquainted with our staff. I strongly believe a good business relationship contributes to a successful design. We’re excited to introduce to you our highly creative staff of designers and creative professionals that I myself feel honored to work with! Continue reading

Supercar Experience | Rebrand & Website Makeover

Late last year, our team was approached to work with the co-founder of the World’s Largest Supercar Event to rebrand and create a new website for their latest endeavour called The Supercar Experience or SCX.

“Supercar Experience will elaborate on an already successful concept and expand its entertaining formula to further entice connoisseurs, enthusiasts and supercar owners from around the world.”

Our main contact, and long time client, co-founder of Supercar Experience Inc, John Temerian, UX Strategist, Ryan Stacey, Marc Roman our Identity Strategist and Creative Strategist, Mike Gonzalez sat down and outlined the vision for the new brand. After a few creative sessions this project quickly evolved into a very exciting project that consisted of Event Maps, Postal Mailers, Magazine Advertisements, VIP Materials, Sponsorship Brochures, Billboard Designs and Email-Marketing Campaigns.

Old Brand/New Brand

Old Promotional Material/New Promotional Material

Later after a successful launch of the brand we suggested a solid idea of a total website Makeover to cary over the cohesiveness of the newly developed Brand & Campaign. Continue reading

The Importance of Great Branding

Great Branding

Whether you are actively involved with your branding or not, the fact of the matter is that your target market, and far beyond that, is already well aware of  who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer; without you even having to say a word, or hand out a brochure. This idea, of how people perceive your brand, is what branding is all about. Although logo designs are the most ubiquitous example of branding, every form of interaction your clients have with your brand can be considered part of your branding. This explains the importance of realizing that an all-encompassing philosophy lies at the core of a successful brand; from your letterhead design, the music callers hear Continue reading